Mural court for the community of Santa Isabel in Santiago de Chile, project organized by Metro21 and supported by Gobierno Regional de Chile, Chile 2023.

Photos courtesy of Metro21, Chile 2023. 

This court draws inspiration from the captivating and multifaceted nature of the Matorral biome. The term "Matorral" itself, laden with both positive and negative connotations in popular Chilean culture, mirrors the diverse and complex experiences of our immigrant communities—Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Haiti—interwoven and coexisting, much like the dense thicket of the Matorral.

The Matorral, a Mediterranean biome with its own unique charm, flourishes in the face of adversity. Comprising a rich community of vegetation, including shrubs, trees, cacti, and bromeliads, it thrives in regions characterized by scorching summers and torrential winters. The artwork skillfully captures this resilience, reflecting the tenacity of our immigrant communities facing diverse challenges.

Emblematic plant species have been incorporated that resonate with our cultural identity. The "litre," the "quillay" in the central Chilean region, the "quisco" in the northern Andean zones of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, as well as distinctive bromeliads from the tropical landscapes of Venezuela and Haiti, collectively inhabit the Matorral. These plant species serve as symbolic representatives of the rich diversity within our immigrant communities.


Mural for Waterford Walls Festival, Project organized by The Walls Project and supported by Dirac and Chilean Embassy in Ireland, Waterford, Ireland 2022.

This mural is inspired by a special relationship that happens in the forest between orchids & fungi.
A complex symbiotic association where all orchids are dependent in different levels on mycorrhizal fungi in order to exist. From beneficial to exploitative relationships, orchids are excellent models for science to study symbiotic associations as these are fundamental to life on Earth.

In this composition you can see some orchids and the fungi fruiting bodies of the ones they connect with.

Photo by Street Art Nomad, Ireland 2022.


Mural court for the community of Pitrufquén, Araucanía. Project organized by Metro21, Chile 2020.

This court is a tribute to the wonderful beings that help our earth to exist: MUSHROOMS. The south of Chile is known for having a large diversity of fungi, they fed for hundreds of years the natives of that region: the MAPUCHE, who are currently very present in our culture. The title of the court it is written in their language, the MAPUZUNGUN and it means: MAPU= earth, FËN= fruit.

Making Waves

Mural for Millerntor Gallery #11 at Sankt Pauli Stadium, project  organized by Viva Con Agua Arts, Hamburg 2023.

In Bloom

Mural in collaboration with Ekaterina Koroleva for project “A-Fence” organized by Street Art Berlin in Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2021. 

Process photos by Cathrin Bach, Berlin 2021. 

New Nest

Mural installation for LinkedIn at Sony Center Berlin, project organized by Cromatics, Berlin 2021. 

This project is part of the @linkedin Changemaker Initiative, we created the word "CHANGE" as a bold lettering. Each letter addresses a different issue that needs change in our society. 
C = Diversity (LGBTQIA+) @sarahalicerabbit
H = Diversity (Migration) @rommygon
A = Mental Health @queenillustrations
N = Women & Equality @josephinerais
G = Sustainability @variousandgould
E = Inclusion @self.made.crew

Al Aire Libres

Mural for women muralists open air gallery Al Aire Libres at Monopol Berlin, project organized by architect Jose Aguad, along JuMu, Gamze & Caro Pepe, Berlin 2022.

Underwater Ride

Mural for INIT’s office in Berlin 2020.

Floating Garden

Mural for RoomBoom Festival’19, Schkeuditz, Germany 2019.

All Kinds of Magic

Mural installation for the exhibition Holy Children organized by Museo Del Hongo at Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin 2022.

Champignons de Paris

Live painting for exhibition “Champignons de Paris” at High Five Festival, organized by Art by Friends, Annecy, France 2022.

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